Elite Cast Stone offers the best combination of high quality architectural building elements and customer service before, during, and after the sale. Our services include:

    •         • Entryways
    •         • Fireplaces
    •         • Windows
    •         • Custom Orders
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With dozens of cast stone trim, window and door surround styles, veneer options, column capital and base options, mantel choices, balustrades, fireplaces, decorative trim and ornamental elements are just a few of the many products we manufacture and install.

Cast stone can be manufactured into complex shapes and profiles and given a variety of colors and textures, which is why Cast Stone has been used as a cost effective alternative to cut natural stone for hundreds of years. Elite Cast Stone allows designers and builders to achieve the exact look they would like. Elite Cast Stone, known for its superior architectural stone products, pledges to "give our clients more than they expect."


The beauty that can be added to your property with Elite Cast Stone is astounding. Adding columns at an entrance, balustrades around a pool or on a balcony, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, or Cast Stone trim around windows and doors are just a few of the projects which can take your home from having “lots of potential” to absolutely striking. We have alcove entries, arched entries, Gothic entries, Palladium entries, porticals, and lots of other designs. We can also custom design an entry to meet your preferences.


The natural focal point of most homes are it's fireplaces. From earliest times when mankind lived in caves, social and family activities were centered around the "place of fire". As civilization moved forward the need for fireplaces grew and evolved. In most cases the modern firepalce is more asthetic than functional, but they still bring forth feeelings of warmth, security and fellowship in the home. Each of our cast stone fireplace designs is created to bring together the architecural style and complementing materials necessary to bring that ageless warmth into your home. Our cast stone fireplace mantels and fireplace surrounds have an old-world elegance with museum-quality designs.


Cast Stone Window surrounds add elegance to any window. Elite Cast Stone, Inc. has a wide variety of window surrounds and cast stone window sills which can be made to individual requirements, an architectual drawings or to match an existing profile. We create custom-made surrounds and window sills which are available in various models and designs, from simple to detailed.


We welcome inquiries for Custom Orders, from your designs or from designs which we will produce to meet your specifications. Our in-house design staff will be happy to help you realize your vision. This includes architectural elements for exterior or interior use, including window and door surrounds, moldings and trim pieces, custom signage, medallions, etc.